Health Law

“The Wyeth Case
Please review the Discussion Board grading rubric in the course Syllabus.
For the Discussion Board this week, you will be reviewing the information in the textbook about the basics of the American legal system. Go to the following site and read the information on Wyeth v. Levine.
Source: Bruesewitz et al v. Wyeth LLC, fka Wyeth, Inc.: Supreme Court of the United States. Retrieved from
You may also look up another source on this case for further information. In 100 words or more, respond to the three questions listed below. Also, be sure to respond to at least two classmates during this unit in 75 words or more.
In your own words, briefly summarize the case and describe the issues in this case.
In reviewing the Wyeth case, discuss the legal duties that were breached. Include in your initial post, the parties to this case and possible defenses to the allegation of breach.
Lastly, consider the implications of the decision in this case to healthcare providers and drug manufacturers. Do you agree or disagree with the reasoning of the court in this case? If you were the judge, how would you have decided this case?”
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