Health education

“Answer the following short answer questions:
1. Explain the role of health education in health promotion programs.
2. Pretend that you are a coordinator of health education who must defend his/her program to the local board of education. Make the case using your philosophy as well as practical benefits of health education, including economic, academic, and others.
3.  What is the importance of “”health educator”” being approved as a distinct classification by the Standard Occupational Classification Policy Review Committee? 
4. Discuss the nature of communities that make churches and other faith community settings ideal for promoting health.
5. Visit a local or state affiliate of the Epilepsy Foundation of America, American Lung Association, American Cancer Society, Planned Parenthood Federation, or other community health organization. Obtain information about any health education programs that are offered. These should be complete programs offered by the national office to affiliates rather than special one-time programs offered by the affiliates. Determine the following: 
a.  Target group for the program
b.  Goals and objectives of the program
c. Sample activities or lessons in the program
d. Formal evaluation of the program”
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