Guidelines on Final Report

Guidelines on Final Report
Group Project
A reminder that for group project, each group member must write and submit their own individual Final Report, focusing on their part of the work. A combined group report will not be accepted.
Report Template
Use the template given on the unit’s Blackboard site.
Adhere to the template. Do not modify the general format. Do not add page header/footer. Having addition chapters is fine.
This report must be
 typed in A4 pages in a single column with 1.5 line spacing, 4 cm left margin and 2 cm top, bottom and right margins
 typed in a clear font of readable size
Key Elements of the Report
Although the structure of an individual report may vary in consultation with the supervisor, the report must incorporate the following elements:
 Cover Page, which includes
o Unit Code and Title
o The heading “Final Report”
o Project Title, Student Name and Student Number
o Name of your Degree and Specialisation
o Name of the University and the School
o Date of Submission in the format DD MMM YYYY
o Supervisor Name at the bottom of the page
Note: Adhere to the template. Do not add pictures or borders to the cover page. Project title should be clear, concise and yet meaningful.
 Do not include the logo of any organisation in the report without prior written consent
 Page number shown in all pages except for the front cover page. Do not change the page numbering format as provided in the template.
 A Copyright and Access declaration as provided in the template.
 An Author Declaration, signed by the student, in the terms as provided in the template.
 An Abstract in no more than 400 words. It should provide a clear and concise summary of the project for a busy reader. This should be written last. Abstract should be self-contained. Do not include figures, tables, or references in Abstract.
 An Acknowledgement by the author of help given or work carried out by any other person or organisation
 A Table of Contents. Note that a list of figures and a list of tables can be included after the Table of Contents (each on a new page) but they are normally unnecessary.
 An Introduction chapter
 The main text (which typically includes the following chapters: Background, Proposed Method, Results and Discussion). The number of chapters used in your report is up to you.
 A Conclusion chapter
 References. Adequate and relevant references (of good quality) should be provided with complete details and in a consistent and correct format. Ensure all references are cited properly in text. This is not just a list of reading material (or a bibliography); all references must have in-text citation. The default referencing style is APA. However, you may adopt a different style as instructed by your supervisor. For example, the IEEE style is commonly used in the field of Electrical Engineering. Please consult your supervisor when in doubt.
 Appendices (if any)
Page Limit
While there is no strict page limit, it is a general expectation that the length of the report be around 30-50 pages for ENS3201, 40-70 pages for ENS4253, 50-70 pages for ENS5146 and 50-80 pages for ENS6127 (counting all pages).
Figures, Tables and Equations
Every figure/table must have a caption. The figure caption is typically placed below the figure, while table caption is above the table. Ensure all figures and tables are numbered appropriately.
All figures and tables must be referred to from your text. Do not assume that your reader will make the necessary connection between the text and the figure/table.
Colour figures and tables must be readable when printed in black-and-white.
Ensure equations are numbered appropriately.
Use of English
You must use formal English when writing your report. Spoken English, slang, informal abbreviations and first-person pronouns are to be avoided.
Proofread your report again and again. It should be of a professional quality and free from any typographical, grammatical and formatting errors.
Previously Presented Materials
Any relevant materials that you have presented in your Proposal and Risk Assessment Report can be included in your Progress Report.
Also, any relevant materials in your Progress Report can be subsequently used in your Final Report.
It is expected that you will progressively work towards your Final Report.
The examiners will look at what new contributions that you have made since last assessment.
As a general guide, the Turnitin similarity index should not exceed 25% for your Progress Report and 50% for your Final Report.
If you are repeating this unit, similarity from your first attempt does not imply plagiarism. However, it suggests to some extent the level of improvement that you have made since your first attempt.
Report Submission
ECU Assignment Cover Sheet is not required.
Please submit your report online via the unit’s Blackboard site as one (1) PDF file using the following filename format: JO Final Report by .pdf
is one of the following: ENS3201, ENS4253, ENS5146 or ENS6127
is a three-digit number made up of the current year in two-digit format, followed by 1 for Semester 1 or 2 for Semester 2
is your last/family name in all uppercase letters
is your first/given name
For example, ENS4253 student Mr John CITIZEN in Semester 2, 2017 would have the filename: ENS4253 JO 172 Final Report by CITIZEN John.pdf
Ensure your file format is PDF and one file only.
Maximum file size: 20 MB
All reports will go through Turnitin.
Multiple submissions to Turnitin are allowed as long as it is before the due date. Any new submission you make will overwrite the previous one. Your last submission by due date will be taken as the final and the only version for assessment. Please take care when submitting your work. Ensure that you submit the right file. The system will not allow you to re-submit after the due date.
Report submitted via email will not be accepted.
Late Submission
* * * Resubmission after the due date will not be allowed. * * *
Once you have submitted your work, you will not be able to re-submit after the due date.
If you have not submitted before, then the system will allow you to submit after the due date, but for one time only. You will not get another chance. So, please be careful.
Please submit early to avoid late penalty. If you leave it to the last moment, then you choose to accept the risk of not getting it in on time. Some of the risks may be beyond your control such as internet outage or your dog ate your memory stick.
NB: For this submission, no late penalty will be applied up to 5 working days after the due date. After that, a mark of zero will be given. Therefore, it is unnecessary to submit a medical certificate during this period.
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