IMPORTANT: Select an existing hospitality company for this assignment. Please fully utilize the concepts, approaches, and tools presented in the lectures and in the text. Use these to serve a fruitful purpose in your final marketing plan.
LENGTH: no more than 6 pages. Additional relevant information may be placed in an appendix.
Section I – Background (You can refer to the chapter listed in the parenthesis to find related concepts and knowledge)
1. Introduction: Identify and describe the company’s mission statement and marketing objectives. (Chapter 3)
2. Product Definition: Describe the product/ service being offered.
3. Describe the major macro-environment factors (e.g. economic, social, political, and technological factors) and the potential impact of each factor on the company in terms of posing either opportunities or threats. (Chapter 4)
4. Competition: Overview of major existing competitors’ product/service. Analysis of competitors- strength and weakness. Position each against your product/service. (Chapter 4)
Section II – Current Strategic Profile
5. Identify the major target market(s) the company serves. (Chapter 8)
6. Describe the marketing strategy for each marketing 4P mix element (product/ service, price, place and promotion). Provide as much detail as possible. For example, pricing is more than setting a price. It should be a strategy of how price is set and how it is changed in reaction to the market. You are to give specific examples of each portion of your marketing mix. (Chapter 9, 11, 12, 13)
Section III- Proposed Strategic Profile
Before you start writing section III, please revisit the above two sections carefully. Take the time to fully absorb the information you wrote down and think critically and creatively!
7. Based on your analysis in section I and section II, evaluate whether the company’s current marketing strategy worked and still works, and why.
8. Describe the changes you propose to the company’s Current Strategic Profile (4Ps). If changes are not recommended in certain parts of the Current Strategic Profile, then a rationale for the recommendation to maintain status quo in these aspects must be provided.
* In the situation that information required to answer the questions and carry out the above steps could not be obtained, then the information search effort should be fully described in the report where applicable. In the absence of complete and accurate information, reasonable assumptions should be made and these should be fully stated in the report where appropriate.
 Typed in a university compatible software (recommend Microsoft Word)
 12‐point font (Times or Times New Roman).
 1‐inch margins on the top, bottom, left and right.
 One and a half space.
 Spell check. Excessive mistakes will cause you to lose points.
 Grammar check. Excessive mistakes will cause you to lose points.
 Page numbers at the bottom right of each page.
 Date, assignment title and names of the group members on the title page of the document.
 Use headings and if appropriate, sub‐headings, to help organize your papers. A reader can get lost in a paper that seems to go on forever. Headings help the reader keep track of the information within a paper.
For written assignments, your grade will be based on BOTH content of your ideas and the writing format listed above.

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