Group assignment

Group assignment (woth 70% of final mark)
The task for you in your groups is to author a white paper aimed at computer science/information
systems/data science professionals. White papers are documents produced by groups/bodies that
attempt to provide a definitive overview of a subject area for the audience concerned. A sample
white paper will be made available to give you an idea of how yours might look. You are free to
target any subset within that broad computer science/information systems/data science community,
(e.g. data science professionals, software engineers, health informatics professionals) however if
you do so, you should ensure the white paper is written clearly with the particular interests of that
group in mind. The purpose of the white paper is to inform them about the ethical and legal issues
related to privacy they need to undertake their duties in a professional manner, cognisant of both
their legal and ethical responsibilities to their employers, their profession, and wider society.
The white paper should not merely rehash information from the lectures, it is important that you read
well on the topic and assemble the white paper for the audience it is aimed at. Think of the issues
you feel that someone in your profession should know related to privacy, how it impacts on how you
should would go about designing and implementing new services. Also consider all of the ethical
approaches to privacy that are relevant and inform your readers about them lucidly.
The complete white paper should be around 4,000 words (+/- 10%). Feel free to be creative in how
you produce the white paper (i.e. use of images/diagrams), but remember to respect the copyright
of others. All submissions should be uploaded in MS Word format only.
The marks will be allocated on the following basis:
 Discussion of ethical issues related to privacy and computing/information science – 30%
 Discussion of legal issues related to privacy and computing/information science – 30%
 Quality of background reading undertaken to inform guide – 30%
 Presentation, spelling, referencing – 10%
CS 978 – Legal, Ethical, and Professional
Issues for the Information Society
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The white paper should be submitted
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