Global Strategy: Challenges and Choices:

  1. Introduction

Choose a global private sector company in a distinct industry sector. Provide a brief overview of the company (main activities, product/market portfolio, market share, competitors, key stakeholders) and state its strategic aims.

  1. Global drivers analysis

Using Yip’s Global Drivers model, undertake analysis of the global environment in which the company competes.

  1. International Value Chain analysis

Undertake an international value chain analysis of the company. Identify and discuss the value adding activities that help the company to effectively compete in global markets.

  1.   International generic strategies

Identify, discuss and explain the international generic strategy (or strategies) evident in the case. Critically evaluate the effectiveness of the choices made for achieving competitive advantage.

  1. Conclusions

Identify and summarise the key issues and findings that have emerged from your analysis and discussion of the case.

  6.  Referencing

Provide a full reference list properly set out in Harvard style


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