Game theory term paper-Assignment Help

The objective of the term paper is to review the applications of quantitative analysis techniques in practical research. The type of term paper is “review or survey paper”.
Selection of topic for term paper
target a review/survey of game theory in one of the following areas.
• COVID 19
• Healthcare
• Academia
• Crime investigations
• Social media analytics
• Big data
• Engineering
• Artificial intelligence
• Business and industry
o Marketing
o HR
o Production
o Supply chain management
o Finance
o Etc.
• Banking and finance
• E-science
• Biological sciences
• Research and development
• Agriculture
• Government
• Natural language processing
• Economics
• Project management
• Sports
• Etc.
Example topics:
Game Theory
• Review of Game Theory Applications for Situation Awareness (see pdf)
• A Review of Game Theory Application Research in Safety Management (see pdf)
Tips on choosing a topic
If you find a survey/review paper very close to your target, you may write a similar paper with recent references.
Tips on writing your term paper
Search for journals in your target area e.g. business, finance, agriculture, etc.. Then search for papers that demonstrate the application of quantitative analysis methods in those journals.
Term paper contents guidelines
• The following sections must be included in the term paper, besides other.
o Title
o Authors names
o Abstract
o Introduction
o …. (other sections)
o Related work
o Conclusion
o References
• At least 2 figures and 2 tables (more are preferred)
• Minimum 8 pages of journal format, the more the better
• Minimum 20 references
o At least 10 references should be from last 5 years.
Other guidelines
• Avoid Plagiarism. Please follow no plagiarism policy. No sentences or part of sentences may be copied from any source.
• Paper writing software: It is recommended to write paper using Latex. However, you may also use MS Word.
• Paper format: Format your term paper according to guidelines of the approved journal.
• How to select a journal: Preferably, select a journal that is indexed in some good databases, like Scopus, and assigns DOI to papers.
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