fundamental concepts in computer networking

This project requires you to implement a simulator (interactive animator) along with web interface to illustrates one of the most fundamental concepts in computer networking: transmission delay versus propagation delay.
You need to set
– the length of the link
– the packet sizes
– the transmission speeds
– the simulator shows the packet being sent from sender to receiver.
Note that for many combinations, the head of the packet reaches the receiver before transmission is finished at the sender.
Time below the link shows the time took for the all packets to be delivered to the receiver.
Red color bar on the link shows movement of packets; timer continues to count from the beginning of the transmission till the end of transmission. The figure below shows packets are currently being propagated from the sender to the receiver. Timer MUST be displayed to show its counting during propagation the packets. Propagation speed is fixed, 2.8 × 108 m/sec.
According to the values of the Length, Rate, Packet size, the propagation delay will be different. You need to implement for user to be able to set such values as a dropdown menu;
– Length: 10 km, 100 km, and 1000 km
– Rate: 512 kbps, 1 Mbps, 10 Mbps, and 100 Mbps
– Packet size: 100 Byte, 500 Byte, and 1 K Byte
As a part of implementation, you need to set up a web page for a GUI to simulate transmission delay versus propagation delay. The web page must show the first figure on the previous page to set the length between sender and receiver, transmission rate, and packet size and start simulation as well as to reset the simulation.
For example: 1.
According to the three values, you can see different displays of the red colored bar over the link because it shows movement of the packets.
– The simulator must be implemented using JAVA.
– Your implementation MUST be tested on the Eclipse
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