For this assignment, we will explore different types of readers, specifically in terms of their needs, values, and attitudes.

“For this assignment, we will explore different types of readers, specifically in terms of their needs, values, and attitudes. You will need to identify/create three groups a primary group, a secondary group, and a gatekeeper group. You can be creative in your group criteria, but your purpose should center on potential stakeholders for the mock business or organization you created for your portfolio (if you haven’t decided yet, now is the time).
Once you have your groups, create a Reader Analysis Chart (see our textbook for examples). Include the name of your mock business, and an introductory sentence stating the purpose of the chart.  READER ANALYSIS CHART READER NEEDS VALUES ATTITUDESPrimary:New Employee Staff Members  Comprehend standard working strategies are for installing and how home automation system works Understand day-to-day job function Understand the wiring of the system Understand the electrical wiring system Understand normal employment capacity  Job performance  Time Management  Easy to read instructions Customer Services Positive viewpoint towards overhauled manual  Hopeful that new guide will make their everyday routine less demanding and more agreeable  Motivated to have a simple to take after quick reference guideSecondary:SupervisorsManagers Ensure primary users know how to perform their job functions  Customer Satisfactions Simplified processes  Ensure that the primary users are able to understand & follow the instructions Ensure that the quality of product being maintain after every installations Assured that employee know how to do their job functions  Time management  Consistent product  Customer satisfaction  Recognition for carrying our successful installation Skeptical about revised manualExcited about potential of new guide Less stressed with happier employees  Motivated by positive reflection on him/her  Eager to find out if Quick Reference Guide will be successful  Enthusiastic after successful trainingGatekeepers:OwnerLegal TeamManufacturer Assured job functions are being followed Customer satisfactions Clear & brief instructions Favorable reviewsIncreased sales Positive product reviews  Company reputation  Repeat business Compliance  Successful employees Customer satisfactions Content with potential growth of business  Pleased to know that standards are easily accessible and simple to follow  Contents with overall attitudes of employees and satisfied customers
NEEDS: What data do your essential (primary) readers requires to settle on a choice or make a move? What do the secondary readers need on the off chance that they are going to make positive proposals to the primary readers? What are the gatekeeper readers searching for in your document?   VALUES: What do your readers esteem most? Do they value effectiveness and consistency? Do they esteem exactness? Is benefit a key concern? How much they value ecological or social concerns? ATTITUDES: What are your reader’s state of mind towards you, your organization, furthermore, the subject of your record? Will your readers be energized, distributed, attentive, active, confident, cautious, concerned, distrustful, or encouraged by what you are letting them know?  The client focused communication; you ought to assemble however many data as could reasonably be expected about the general population perusing your archive. You group of onlookers may comprise of individuals who may have varying requirements and desires. At the finish of the day, you may have a mind-blogging gathering of people in all the phases of your record lifecycle the improvement arrange, the perusing stage, and the activity stage. References:Retrieved September 8, 2016, from Johnson-Sheehan, R. (2014). Technical communication today (Fifth ed.). United States: Pearson.NO PLAGIARISM!!!!!”
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