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Read Chapter 14 and answer the following questions:
1.  Define evaluation.Â
2.  What two distinct processes do early childhood educators use to help children build lifelong learning skills?
3.  List seven (7) questions you should ask yourself before you begin the evaluation process.
4.  What do program evaluations describe and measure?
5.  Define quantitative evaluation, qualitative evaluation, formative evaluation, process and summative evaluation.
6.  List eleven (11) nationally recognized standards that are commonly used in evaluation of early childhood programs.
7.  Define objectivity, reliability, validity, and bias.
8.  What ethical issues are involved in evaluation?Â
9.  Describe each evaluation tool:  survey; questionnaires; checklist; rating scale; anecdotal record; event sampling or frequency count; time sample; portfolio assessment.
10.  List three (3) recommended practices in program evaluation by A Guide to Assessment in Early Childhood: Infancy to Age Eight.
11.  List five (5) questions to ask yourself before interpreting information.
12.  What is the first step in interpreting information gathered?
13.  Define rubric.
14.  What is the intent for using assessment information?
15.  Explain each step of documentation:  why; who to target; what to document; where to document; when to document; how to document.
16.  List four (4) things to consider for authentic documentation of learning.”
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