for michelle lewis only

“chd  206
Chapter 11
Watch the video, Toddlers and Preschoolers, Part 1.  Write three comments about what you learned from the video.  The link is under  the assignment item.
Read Chapter 11 and answer the following questions:
1.  Define attitudes, values and incidental learning.
2.  List six (6) resourceful ways to involve families in children’s health and safety education.
3.  What are six (6) advantages of sharing health/safety instruction with parents?
4.  Define inservice and concepts.
5.  What are objectives and what purpose do they serve?
6.  Give several considerations when deciding on a method of presentation.
7.  Name seven (7) examples of instruction that actively engage children in learning.
8.  Define retention and evaluation.
9.  Pick ONE of the eleven (11) activities listed in this chapter that you think you could use in the center where you work (or if you do not work in a center, pick the one that appeals most to you).  Give a response as to why you picked that particular activity.  Tell when, where, how you could use this activity.  Be specific.  This should be a well-thought out response and not just a simple one-sentence answer.
website book
video link”
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