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Alisha post
    I live in a very rural area. We can only get satellite internet. We have had Exede Internet and Hughes Net since buying our home. I am comparing services by the speeds and buffering I have received with each company. When I had Exede we could not stream Netflix and could very rarely stream a YouTube video. The service was very limited and slow. I now have Hughes Net and they have upgraded to a new system now they are still very limited but I can stream Netflix and can watch YouTube videos so it is a better service for me. It is important that I am able to get a decent speed to at least be able to complete my school assignments.Â
Kylie post
I work at an amusement park and we like to have challenges of certain teams against one another.  For example, would Renegade get more riders than High Roller?  We set these challenges to not only try and get more riders on the rides but boost the morale of the team.  The results will vary based on many different aspects: how many guests do we have, are the guests moving efficiently, how fast (and safe) are the loaders loading. Â
Armond post
The RICE power currencies can be defined by William, Wilmot, and Hocker (2013) as the following: Resource control: Often comes with one’s formal position in an organization or group. Resource Control can be defined as a power currency that “often comes with one’s formal position in an organization or group” (Wilmot & Hocker, 2011, pg. 118). There is a large part of power currency that people want that is tied to leadership. Basically, there people get special treatment. Interpersonal Linkages are “currencies that depend on your interpersonal contacts and network of friends and supporters” (Wilmot & Hocker, 2011, pg. 119). This power currency has heavy social statuses. Basically, it’s all about who you know, because if not you’re not going to be very successful. An example is my family, they own a Salvage yard so growing up and still today if I need a part for my car I can have it for free regardless of its value. This has helped me out tons in the past and still today whereas other people have a hard time finding a part and paying tons of money.
Power is Relational because power exists only in terms of how individuals and groups are in relationship to each other; it is not a characteristic that is possessed outside of a relationship. An example would be when I was in the military we all worked together for the same goal. Regardless if we made mistakes, we forgave each other and stuck together to find success.
Thereasa post
Classroom management is more then just having the class of students at zero (quiet); doing work. Ideally, as an educator I want to ensure my lessons are ran smoothly without any disruptive behavior from students which could compromise the delivery of instruction. My classroom management involves me creating an environment that is conducive to teaching and learning. In other words, my effective classroom management will set my students up for success. Before, I have students walk into my STEM Lab, I state my expectations. There are times when I need to redirect students but the ultimate outcome is the feedback they share with other friends. My younger scholars I demonstrate the behavior I want to see. I also have them working in groups to keep them engaged. But most importantly I build relationships with all my students. This course has me to see its okay to keep trying until it works or to change to make something flow better.
During my teaching experience, I have witness ineffective classroom management which often creates chaos. Because of this, the teacher and the school failed the students. Classroom management works better with a team then with a single person.
Kendrick post
I must say that draw more understanding of classroom management. I learn some new skills and techniques to apply within my classroom setting with my students. I know how to be more understanding with my students when noticing situations escalating them as it relates to me, too.
I will start applying these principles in various ways to help in my classroom. One way to do this for me is to allow myself to step away from the situation to avoid power struggles with my student. I also understand that every child, which I have known for years, are different in various ways. I will apply within my classroom different ways to provide incentives, rewards, and modify behavioral issues with my students.
My classroom management style has not changed a lot. It is to a point where I allow my students to make decisions on where he or she wants to play. It is important for me to allow them to be independent and learn from those decisions that are making. The decisions that my students will make will allow me to step in if I see situational things occurring where I can prevent it.
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