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Discussion 1
In your initial post, describe a situation when you stated a correlation. For example, you may have said that higher gas mileage performance and a higher percentage of highway driving are positively correlated.
Discussion 2 in 50 words
 Do you think that other media outlets are biased, but not yours?  Do you make an effort to watch all media outlets – even the ones with which you do not agree?Why might some stories be highlighted (i.e. put on the front page) and others played down (i.e. placed in a small article buried within the paper)?
Discussion 3 in 50 words
 Do you ever struggle with common barriers like anger, depression, or stress?  How do these affect your thinking? How might you better control things like anger, depression, or stress? What are the consequences for failing to do so as it relates to your thinking?
Discussion 4 in 50 words
 How can you determine if information is credible? How can this be applied in your life?Â
 Respond to Kenny post
When doing astro-photography, I discovered that it is a positive correlation when I decrease the temperature of the sensor of my astronomical camera (x) and the noise levels of the camera / image (y) decreases tremendously. Or I can say that it is a negative correlation when the temperature of my astronomical camera increases (x) and then the noise levels of the camera / image (y) increase drastically. For astro-photography, camera noise is a big problem when the imagination sensor is at a higher temperature than the ambient temperature and could introduce false results.
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