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“CHD 203 CHAPTER 12 & 13
Chapters 12 & 13
Read Chapter 12 and answer the following questions:
1.  List four (4) common goals acceptable to most programs.  List five (5) additional Common Core goals.
2.  Define discourse skills.
3.  List seven (7) attitudes and behaviors that cultivate conversation.
4. List six (6) suggestions for maintaining a classroom atmosphere that encourages children to speak.
5. List and explain seven (7) uses of speech in social situations.
6.  List six (6) key functions of language children use to demonstrate communication competence.
7. List several behaviors a teacher should avoid during student conversations.
8.  Explain the use of sign systems.
9. List several traits of an authentic teacher.
10. Define expressive jargon.
11. Pick two (2) guidelines (page 330-331) that help children develop their speaking ability and comment specifically on how you could use this suggestion.
12. Define recasting.
13. Pick three (3) of the twelve (12) indicators of intelligent behavior characteristics. List and describe the indicator. Relate an experience with a child that illustrates each indicator.
14. Why should a teacher develop questioning skills?
15.  List eight (8) main types of teacher questions.
16.  Define convergent thinking and divergent thinking.
17.  Define dramatic play.
18. List several ideas for dramatic play kits.
19. What is the teacher’s role in dramatic play?
20.  List several helpful hints for conducting show-and-tell.
21. How can children be involved in leading activities?
Read Chapter 13 and answer the following questions:
1. Define circle time.
2. What is the purpose of circle time?
3. List four (4) readiness skills as suggested by Gamel-McCormick and Blair.
4. What are some things to remember when planning small group time?
5. Define transitional statements.
6. List nine (9) suggestions for a successful circle time.
7. Define chants. How can chants be used in circle time?
8. What are finger plays?”
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