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“unit 7
Analyze Erikson’s theory and apply it to a child’s selfhood and emotional development. Then select a theory pertaining to social learning and cognitive development and compare and contrast its explanation of children’s gender identity and social development with Erikson’s. The theory you select should closely relate to real-life contexts of children’s emotional, social, and gender development.
Article Search
Choose one health issue related to children in the early elementary age group (5 to 8 years). Then search the Capella library or the Internet to locate a recent scholarly article regarding this issue. Be prepared to discuss the issue, the article, and the impact of family, culture, or society on a child’s health in a discussion in this unit.
Influences on Health
For this discussion, focus on the health issue you chose and the article you selected. Discuss the impact of family, culture, or society on a child’s health pertaining to the issue you identified. Please attach the article or provide a citation that would allow others to readily obtain it.
Review the early elementary childhood profile for the child you have selected to study for your course project. Review Piaget’s concrete operational stage; then apply Piaget’s theory to any educational issues and contexts you have identified in your child’s profile.”
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