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Identify and research a current issue that may impact a child’s self-concept and self-esteem during the early elementary years of childhood (ages 5 to 8). Discuss the issue; then analyze and apply child development theory or research or both.
Discussion 2
Applying the Code
Read the scenario from NAEYC, below. Then describe the core values in this situation, and who you are responsible for. Then look at the NAEYC Code and see what guidance can be found there. List the relevant items in the Code and then describe what you think a highly qualified early childhood educator should do in this situation.
The program you teach for is under pressure to use “”standardized paper-and-pencil”” tests. You’ve been told that two tests have been chosen and you’ll receive training on how to administer them. Your observation recordings will no longer be used to assess children’s progress. You’ve heard that for these tests you must remove the child from the classroom and take him to another room to test him. You’re worried that many children will find this to be stressful, and you’re also concerned about leaving your aide alone with all the other children in the group for long periods of time.
Discussion  3
As you wrap up the course, think back to what you have learned about the development of young children. How can you take this knowledge and apply it to your own workplace and become an advocate for young children and the profession as a whole. Outline your plan for advocacy and personal continuous learning within the field.”
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