First Essay Assignment in PHIL 315 (Fall 2020)

Write an essay on the topic of why Lispector’s literary exercise in The Passion According to G.H. has philosophical importance. Give significant consideration to each of the following subtopics:
1. time and meaning
2. nothing
3. the indifference that is not human indifference
4. truth
You may choose your own title.
The paper should be approximately 1000 words (give or take 100) in length. It is due in D2L on Monday, October 5 before 11 pm and is worth 25% of your final grade.
Use, and quote from, a full range of places in the book. Show that you are well acquainted with the book. Only use the edition and translation listed in the course outline; papers using any other edition or translation will receive an F (= 0).
Essay writing does not consist in quoting the instructor rather than book, but the essay should show that you are not oblivious to what has been discussed in the classes.
Please consult D2L for the “essay checklist” and the essay “guidelines” for the course. When in doubt about basic formal features of essay-writing, consult manuals such as the following.
1. The Chicago Manual of Style. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2017 (17th edition).
2. Jack Finnbogason and Al Valleau, A Canadian Writer’s Pocket Guide. Toronto: Nelson, 2014 (fifth edition).
3. Diana Hacker and Nancy Sommers, A Pocket Style Manual. New York: Bedford/ St. Martin’s, 2011 (6th edition).
When in doubt about your ability to write essays for a university course at this level, please make use of the services provided by “Writing Support” at the “Student Success Centre.”
To ensure anonymous grading, please remember to put your student number, but not your name, on your paper.
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