Final Research Paper

The final research paper will be the major project for the course. The topic of the paper will be argumentative (one which can be debated), and the focus will be on persuading the readers to support your argumentative position.
Assignment Details
The essay must be a minimum of 2,000 words (approximately 8-10 pages) and include a minimum of three supportive reasons.
Students will conduct research and cite at least ten credible sources (including at least five peer-reviewed sources) as evidence for the thesis and supportive reasons.
The essay must have a clear introduction, body, and conclusion. Transitions must be used between and within the paragraphs.
The introduction will include a thesis that is well-developed and evident to the readers.
The conclusion will provide a cohesive summary of the main ideas of the essay and will not introduce new information.
The works cited page will include the sources used to provide supportive evidence in the essay. The format used for the essay is MLA. The essay must contain in-text citations to show where supportive evidence is used (to avoid plagiarism).
Correct grammar, usage, and mechanics are required, and the essay will be free of spelling, punctuation, and grammatical errors.
200 points possible worth 25% of your grade.
Due Date
Assignment must be submitted as a Microsoft Word document via drop box on Blackboard by: ______see calendar_____.
this is due tomorow at 10pm urgent
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