film review

A 3-to-5-page review of a film in American History, from 1500 to the present day. In this paper, you must note what is fact and what is fiction (untrue) in a film. The paper is worth up to 100 points of your grade. This paper requires research, endnotes and bibliography. You should use at least three internet sources (they must be cited), or written sources – books, journal articles, etc., to make your argument. All papers should be uploaded through Turnitin . See Submission of Assignments above. A list of acceptable films are listed below: Examples of films which may be used include, but are not limited to: Black Robe; Northwest Passage; Last of the Mohicans (most recent version), Plymouth Adventure, The New World, The Patriot, Glory, Cobb, Public Enemy, Grapes of Wrath, The President’s Lady, Sergeant York, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, Hiroshima, The Best Years of Our Lives, Gentleman’s Agreement, Pork Chop Hill, Black Like Me; Hair, (Malcolm) X; Raisin In The Sun, Wallace; 13 Days, All The President’s Men; Nixon, Norma Rae, Time Limit, Platoon, Give ‘Em Hell Harry, Will Rogers’ U.S.A., (the latter two both films of one-man presentations), Lincoln, 42. If you are using a film not listed above, please let me know so that I can approve it and thus you will not waste time. Turnitin: Turnitin is an app used by universities across the nation to ensure that students’ assignments are the work of the student and not the work of someone else. The app automatically tests your assignment against thousands of other documents to assign a “text-matching” score to your paper. For a five-page paper, a score of 20 to 25 percent is acceptable. To avoid a high text-matching score, write in your own words, and cite every source. Plagiarism: All work – discussion and written papers must represent your own work. At least 80 percent of a discussion response (and approximately 3 ½ pages) of any five-page paper must represent your own thoughts. If you quote or use any portion of work taken from books, the internet, or other sources you must cite that source.

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