Explain your reasons for choosing physiotherapy as a career by demonstrating your knowledge of the profession and scope of practice.(2000 word max)

Explain your reasons for choosing physiotherapy as a career by demonstrating your knowledge of the profession and scope of practice.(2000 word max)
As a professional acrobat of Cirque Du Soleil I had severe injuries that made my pathway to learn more about my body constitution and process of rehabilitation. I wanted to share my experience and knowledge with other people to help them to achieve maximum outcomes in their rehabilitation process. I have been working as a licensed Physical Therapy Assistant in the USA for more than 5 years. One therapist asked me a long time ago, if I was ready to work in a Hospital, Sports Clinic, or Skills Nursing Homes to provide maximum care to all people with no difference. I was told those people will have any possible pathology such as AIDS, cancer, ulcers, C-deff and so on. My answer was “yes” and I kept my word. I have been working in these settings during the last years and I am proud to say I was a great therapist for all of my patients. It does not matter who I work with. It can be a young athlete or old geriatric patient, I will work with them to restore, correct, maintain, and maximize physical function to facilitate maximum outcome to comeback to prior level of function.
Discuss any activities that are directly related to physical therapy. Clearly outline your patient experiences, job shadowing and volunteer opportunities, as well as research, co-op placements and employment. Include the duration (number of hours), facility names and locations, and the populations you interacted with.( 3000 word max)
I started my Physical Therapy Assistant career in 2016 in Henderson, NV at orthopedic clinic “Tim Soder Physical Therapy”. I have been working over there full time 40 hours per week for two years with 20-28 patients per day case load under direct supervision of primary PT. The focus of the clinic was on the patient who has orthopedic injuries. I had to follow a plan of care that was developed by PT. In the same time, my responsibility was to constantly reassess the Pt progress in therapy and modified POC as needed. I used a variety of manual techniques, modality, electrical stimulation and educated and trained my patient to improve ROM, muscle tone, control the pain and so on. However, the majority of the Pts were people with joint injuries such RC tear, TKA, SLAP tear, meniscus repair, spinal surgery , OA, and motor control issue.
In 2017 I accepted a job in Reno, NV for ” Reliant Rehab” company at ” Sierra Ridge” skilled-nursing facility with a full time position which included 40 hours per week and on call position at “New Life Care Hospital Acute Care” for 10 hours per week. At a skilled-nursing home I have been dealing with cardiopulmonary diseases, dementia, joint injuries, amputated limb, infections and different types of wound. My primary goal was to educate Pt on safe bed mobility, transfer, Gait and safe sitting/standing balance to reduce risk of fall. I was responsible for collaboration with other health care professionals such as PA, MD, social workers, admission office and insurance companies so patients can stay at the nursing home. I had to prescribe medical durable equipment if Pt had medical necessity, and to address his limitation and improve activities of daily living. I have been working with a caseload of 16-23 patients per day.
At the Hospital I have been dealing with people who had severe life threatening conditions. Most of these patients had gun wounds, brain injuries, limb amputations, skin burns, SVA, MI, and so on. All these people typically hooked up with a lot of sensors to constantly screen the vital signs. When I worked with these patients, I had to be extremely careful with my level of exertion, and check for appropriate response to therapy to avoid complications. Despite that fact, I always paid attention to contraindications and precautions on a daily basis, there was always something that required me to ask my colleague for help to make sure I provided maximum safety to my patient.
Briefly describe other relevant activities that provide evidence of your involvement and leadership in increasing the well-being of individuals, groups or society in general. Include any awards for community service.( 2000)
I came to work as an acrobat at Cirque Du Soleil when I was 24 years old. Without speaking well English I had to learn how to communicate with different people in the show without creating a conflict. I have been dealing with different cultures, ethnicity, skin color and religion. In addition, I had to deal with different people from the management department. The company noticed I always came up with ideas and was never afraid to make proposals to improve quality of the show. There were times many of us were injured because the coach did not understand the capability of the artist and what caused them to get injuries. I was able to create a line up of the show where the artist has the opportunity to recover before coming back on stage. I was able to change shoes and costumes to help artists to work with light costumes and comfortable shoes. Thankfully in less than a year artists voted for me to be their captain. I believe, there are leader characteristics inside every person, but they need to be developed and of course, it requires time and effort. Without gradual work, a person who is not a strong leader from the outset is unlikely to become a good leader. I have never been sick to have followers or take supreme position to experience power. I always wanted to work with calibration of the people who strongly believed in me. The most important traits are confidence and responsibility and in my perspective a good leader is doing everything confidently and encourages this confidence in others.
I have been working as a Physical Therapist Assistant in Nevada for more than 5 years. Thankfully, I started my career in a sports orthopedic clinic at Tim Soder Physical Therapy. Every physical therapist wants to work for this clinic because they deal with top caliber athletes. I was hired right after the interview when my boss heard what you can bring to his clinic. I explained to him that I can bring new clients and prime to this clinic because I have a great connection with any athlete in Las Vegas. I was able to sign our clinic to be the official partnership of top boxers, MMA and baseball players in Las Vegas. As a good leader I have high standards for myself. I know for a fact I have good management skills, avoid conflict, do not have bad habits and follow the code of ethics. Actually, analytical skills are essential as well. Leadership is not only about personal qualities but also about management skills. A good leader is able to see the situation as a whole and to divide it into the subsections at the same time. This person is capable of making efficient every subsection of the project in order to make the whole project thrive. People who are not afraid to take challenges and ready to grow in their profession, always find good opportunities. I was offered to be Direct of Rehabilitation in California in a Reliant Rehabilitation Skills Facility twice already and it means a lot to me. Thanks to my Regional Director for this opportunity. To sum up, I would like to say that leadership for me means inspiring others to work together toward a common goal. It encourages and enables people to do their best work. Person who has the ability to communicate clearly and effectively, and with a clear vision for the future of the team, department, and organization. It should be a person who the team wants to see as leader because they know he is responsible for them and their families.
Your statement (6,250 characters maximum or approximately 1000 words) should include all of the following components:
• An explanation of why you have chosen physical therapy as a career, demonstrating your knowledge of the profession and its scope of practice.
• A description of what you will bring to the physical therapy profession (e.g., strengths, experiences, attributes, leadership skills and/or abilities).
• Your Applicant’s Statement should elaborate on your unique and exceptional qualities rather than just on your aspirations to become a physical therapist.

As a top caliber athlete who achieved everything in sport career while working as a professional acrobat of Cirque Du Soleil, I had injuries that made my pathway to physical therapy. I had good and bad experience working with physical therapists and that helped me make my decision to become a physical therapist to make this profession better. I have been working as captain in Cirque Du Soleil and have dealt with 65 artists and other management teams to run the show smoothly. It was a great opportunity to work with people from around the world who had different ethnicity, religion, sex, age and orientation. I learned how to collaborate with people and work as a team to achieve maximum outcomes.
I have been working as Physical Therapist Assistant for more than 5 years and was offered to be DOR twice. I brought my confidence, high ethical standard, trust ,and professionalism to physical therapy. I show my empathy to all my patients and I attempt to put myself in their shoes to understand how they feel. I have to follow the physical therapy plan and collaborate with the health team to safely bring Pt to the prior level of function. In order to get to that level, I am using all possible therapy tools and equipment to address their limitations. I teach them how to perform bed mob, Gat, check skin integrity, proper use of adaptive and durable equipment on a daily basis. I have to collaborate with RN, social working, Pt’s family and MD as a team to provide high quality care. It is extremely important to be in focus at work and be aware of any small details that potentially save Pt’ life.
My unique experience helps me to build strong relationships at work between people. My goal is not only to help people to come back to a prior level of function, but also develop trust in physical therapy. I am sure as a Physical Therapist we should be role models for each patient and we have to encourage them to believe in the power of physical therapy.
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