“Complete the interactive Excel tutorial prior to attempting this assignment.   For this assignment, you are required to create a self-correcting worksheet (interactive Excel document) that could be used as a study guide for the midterm exam.  Your worksheet/study guide should be a matching activity and should have 12 questions, with 3 questions from each of the four chapters that we will have covered by midterm (chapters 1-4).
This assignment will work a little differently from the tutorial.  In the tutorial, you used numbers as your answer.  In this assignment, you will be using letters or words.  In order to make the formula for the smiley face work, you will need to put quotation marks around the correct letter/word.  I have attached an example so that you can see what I mean.  Open my example and you can get an idea of how to lay out the assignment.  Of course, feel free to lay it out any way you wish.  Look at the formula bar, and you will see the formula that I used to get my smiley face.  Remember that it will be a frowny face until you enter the right answer in the appropriate cell.”
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