Examples of firms such as McDonald’s highlight the value creation process. Distinguish between the value delivery process and the value chain.


  • submitted to the Assessment portal by 7:00 p.m. on the same day.
  • There are five questions in total. Question 5 is mandatory/compulsory. Answer any 3

of the remaining 4 questions.

  • Each question is worth 20 Marks. Total marks for this assessment = 80 Marks
  • A separate Word document should be used to type your answers with Times New

Roman font, size 12 and single spacing.
Read the questions carefully and write a logical, structured, conceptual answer to each
one. The answer should be based on your understanding of concepts. Use real examples where examples need to be provided. Each response should be written in full sentences. Please do not use bullet points.

  • Please avoid copying your answers from any source as originality is an important aspect of your answer. Safe Assignment will be used to check for the originality of your answers.

Answer any 3 of the following 4 questions

  1. A firm’s success depends on how it is able to relate to its customers.
    a. What is holistic marketing? [5 marks] b. How do the components of holistic marketing come together in the creation

of value? [15 marks]

  1. Examples of firms such as McDonald’s highlight the value creation process.

Distinguish between the value delivery process and the value chain.
[20 marks]

  1. As part of the market entry analysis, you are required to explain factors influencing consumer behavior and buying decision.
    1. Explain the relevance of personal and psychological influences as they relate to consumer behavior. Note: Explain using any two personal and any two psychological factors. [12 marks]
    2. Explain the consumer buying decision process. [8 marks]
  2. Target market consists of “a set of buyers who share common needs or

characteristics that the company decides to serve.”

    1. Differentiate between demographic and behavioral segmentation methods using three characteristics each. Make sure to briefly explain each characteristic while distinguishing between the two types of segmentation.

[12 marks]

    1. Explain while evaluating and selecting market segments which type of strategy would a company like Coca Cola pursue for its Coca Cola Classic product and how is it different from a company like Singapore Airlines?

[8 marks]
The following question, i.e., Q.5., is mandatory / compulsory.

  1. As the Marketing Director of Lamborghini, you need to assess the market in terms of the potential to introduce a new SUV / crossover (premium) model. However, given Lamborghini’s current strategy, it is unclear as to how the customers would perceive the company’s move to a non-traditional product category (i.e., SUV / crossover) as well as from the high-end luxury segment to the premium segment.
  1. What two types of marketing research methods would you employ to arrive at a decision? Explain how the two types of research would be effective in the case of Lamborghini? [8 marks]
  2. If you are asked to use primary research to collect data in the above context, which types would you use, and why? Identify any two advantages and two disadvantages of the two types of data collection. [12 marks]

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