Exam 4 Essay Principles of Mgt (MGT-305) profile

MGT 305 – Exam 4 Essay Answer Sheet (See Exam Information document for details).
1. Employment Laws: Describe an employment law that Nick may need to keep in mind during the hiring process for a waiter/waitress:
2. Job Analysis: Based on your review of the resources, write a brief job description for the waiters/waitresses position:
3. Training Process: Describe the type of training for the person you hire:
4. Performance Appraisal and Feedback: What factors would you consider during the performance appraisal process of Servers?
5. Pay and Benefits: How do you keep employees motivated through pay and benefits? Do you offer high starting salaries, or do you build in incentives that can increase employee pay?
6. Leadership: Describe the ideal leadership style in this scenario. Do so using terms described in the Leadership lesson (Power, Path-Goal, Modern Management), etc).
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