Evolution of communication functionality

1) (1000 words) Evolution of communication functionality over the last 150 years
Very important to note that for this essay, Communication refers to the act of sharing information while Interaction refers to how humans interact with various devices in order to communicate.
For each mode of communication, explore
1) What the device was and what kind of information exchange it facilitated
2) How humans received and sent information on the device.
3) Include how it changed human relationships and family life once the technology became more and more commercially accessible
Start from here – 1870s 150 years ago

1870s – 1940s: Telephone

Telephone (1870s)
Radios (1940s)
Personal Computers (1970s)
Smartphones (2008 onwards)
2) (700 words) Explore the use of recent developments such as speech recognition and translation or the improving quality of live video to help disabled people.
– Explore speech recognition tech to help deaf people – Speech to text
– Explore improved Natural language processing to help blind people read – Text to Speech
– Explore improved quality of brain computer interfaces (BCI) to help disabled people – Communicate using brain waves
3) (500 words) Explore how tech of the future will affect Human communication and Interaction
– Look at BCI interfaces and how companies like Neuralink will change family life and human relationships with revolutionary new interfaces.
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