ethics question module 2

answer these questions

1.Based on the video, tell me what you think is most interesting about Mill’s life?

2.What’s the relationship between the ethics of utility and a free society ( liberty or liberalism)

3.Please explain the central tenets of Utilitarianism in your own words – about 200 of them. Feel free to be creative , or use bullet points or prose

4.What are the different ways to understand the term “nature”?

5.According to Mill, why should we NOT follow nature – in terms of acting ethically?

Case Study Prep # 1

Please follow the guidelines to the Case Study Prep as outlined in Module 1. You have basically one page – 200 to 250 words – to write your overview, bullets and to seeking to apply Utilitarian Ethics to the cases. It is probably best to write two separate responses with the title of the case at the start of each of your responses

Watch the videos and use the attachments to answer every question 

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