Ethical Case Paper

In reviewing the cases, you will write a minimum 6 page, maximum 10 page, paper where you implement an Ethical Decision Making Model. It is suggested that you use the model offered by Forester-Miller and Davis (1996) as that is the one that has been endorsed by the American Counseling Association. This can be found in the resources section of the course. You can also review other decision making models in the textbook, notes, and in the current counseling literature. In this 7-step model, discuss what actions you would take as you proceed through the steps (FYI: in step 3, be sure to find two referred articles from the counseling literature that address the case’s topics and what these sources conclude). Throughout the paper, be sure to document and defend your courses of action and your final conclusions. An excellent paper should have an introduction, a format that follows the seven headers suggested by the ethical Decision Making Model, a conclusion and a reference page. The first document is a guide to the ethical decision making model. You must follow this model in your paper. The Scoring Rubric tells you exactly what sections to have in the paper and what to include in each section. Adherence to this rubric wlll ensure that you do the paper propertly. You must complete the rubric as a self assessment and upload with your paper. This will help to ensure that you have covered all aspects of the paper. When the professor grades the paper, she will utilize the second column for scoring. Also posted above is a document with APA style guidelines. These guidelines refer the reference section of your paper. You must have the references in APA style. There is also a video in the resource section of your class that details APA style. Finally, the rubric that will be used on Taskstream to grade your assignment is posted. Remember, you must submit your paper to Taskstream as well submission in the course. Rehabilitation Counseling -Ethical Issue–Study #4 Jeff, a 31-year old burn victim, generally qualifies for VR services. Despite multiple surgeries, he is living with a significant facial disfigurement. He has searched diligently, but unsuccessfully, for employment. He is married with two elementary school-aged children. Various financial benefits are nearly exhausted, and Jeff is desperate for a job/career. Prior work experience and diagnostic testing indicate a strong aptitude for computer technology,but it has been six years since he worked. He has struggled so hard in the rehabilitation process to this point and he has such a great attitude that you feel compelled to help him. A few slots remain open in a well-respected technical school’s sequence of classes that will qualify him for a job in high demand in the community. The diagnosis of some mental health problem (i.e. anxiety disorder or depressive disorder, nos) on his score sheetwould place him high enough on the list for services. Although the client’s extended period of life stressors, reported and observed depressive symptoms could support an additional mental health diagnosis, you wonder if it will help solve the client’s current employment/financial problems or create new ones for him in the future. As you considerJeff’ssituation, you realize that you have come upon an ethical dilemma. Namely, will providing this diagnosis be viewed as doing all I can to assist in the placement of clients in available positions that are consistent with the interest, culture, and the welfare of clients and employers or shall I refrain from making and/or reporting a diagnosis that could potentially cause harm to client in the future. Although you initially consult the CRCC and ACA code of ethics, it doesn’t clearly refer to Jeff’s situation. After careful deliberation, you decide to implement an ethical decision-making model to help you in deciding what to do in this situation.

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