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3 to 5 page double-spaced essay
This assignment asks you to write a claim of interpretation on one of the creative non-fiction selections we’ve read, Tobias Wolff’s selections from This Boy’s Life or In Pharaoh’s Army, or Maxine Hong Kingston’s essays “No Name Woman” and “White Tigers” from her book The Woman Warrior. Keep in mind, a rhetorical analysis is an essay that breaks a work of non-fiction into parts and then explains how the parts work together to create a certain effect. Your claim should focus on the literary subject of rhetoric and how the author uses language to create persona—or more specifically a complex representation of self.
how does the author structure his or her life story and experiences, what voice or personality is developed, and what precise wisdom is he or she presenting? Other questions you should answer: How do they present the subject of trouble or personal ethics? What scenes in the memoirs does he or she choose to present and why? How specifically does the author present self and what intended meaning is created? How does the created identity create meaning and what is that precise theme/s?
What strategies does he or she use to communicate and clarify point of view? What literary subjects and terms can you utilize and identify in your analysis? You might, for example, also consider the author’s use of examples/scenes, repetition, specialized language or structure, white space, etc. Because you have only 3 to 5 pages to complete this task, you should focus on the one to two specific moments that you found most important or interesting rather than try to give a general idea of what the essay is about.
Therefore, I am asking you to take a position on the author’s style and presentation of self and subject in the given works.
1. Opening should intro author and precise texts you will analyze. Also opening should establish your position on the author’s persona, rhetoric or style.
2. You should take a position on your chosen author’s key structure within the writing, take a position on the dominant theme or meaning in the work, and also take a position on the author’s identity portrayed in the work. You must make an argument on your reading of the work and not give praise or criticism as in a book review.
3. You should have a paragraph on each one of our suggested topics—key structure, represented identity of author and also dominant theme, meaning or wisdom within work. Focus on a precise scene or conduct close reading of around three moments to support your claim. Include at least 7 to 10 textual quotes into your paragraphs to illustrate the author’s language and attitude.
4. Late in paper introduce literary scholar as well as author interview from your research. Compare and contrast the source to your claim and your overall interpretation.
5. Every single quote or 3 to 5 sentences of paraphrase from researched source material must be followed by an in-text citation.
6. Make sure your last paragraph attributes meaning to author’s aesthetic, artistic decisions or overall style choices.
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