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You will be making 3 paragraphs from this link. 10-12 sentences per paragraph.
Paragraph 1- describe which listening style best suits you. Explain what your listening skill means to you. Give examples of your own life that explain how the style fit you.
Paragraph 2- share which two barriers would you benefit the most from improving. Explain the barrier and give examples of your life. Then identify one specific action you will take to improve and explain what impact it would have on your communication skill.
Paragraph 3: After watching this week’s videos (the first from Julian Treasure and second from Kate Murphy, answer the following questions:
Kate Murphy speaks about how the “measure of a good listener is how you respond”. Which of her ideas do you practice currently? Which two of her ideas do you hope to practice? Elaborate.
What three things from the TED Talk from Julian Treasure stood out to you the most, was an “aha moment” for you, and/or do you want to be sure to remember?
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