Essay over Joanna MacKay’s article Organs WIll save lives

Essay over Joanna MacKay’s article Organs WIll save lives
ENGL 1010
Essay #1 (Summary Response)
Due: Outline or Draft of Section A due by 9:40 AM on Tuesday, Sept 15
Final Draft Due in this folder by 10:45 AM on Monday, Sept 21
For the first writing assignment, you are writing a short (500 words) summary-response “essay” using Joanna MacKay’s “Organ Sales Will Save Lives” which appears in the Norton on page 156. This document will have two distinct sections: the essay section (A) and the mechanical section (B). (There are examples of this essay for you to look at in the Course Content under “Support Materials.”)
Section A: Essay (70 % of overall assignment grade)
A Summary-Response paragraph/essay performs two primary tasks: first, it succinctly paraphrases the most important points of a document, taking care to refer to the source frequently (example: “Pollan claims that . . .”). This first task/section should follow the chronology of the source, but it does not have to include every point the source makes; instead, the summary should include only that information vital to the source’s argument or purpose.
The second task is the Formal Response. This section includes your opinion of the source’s findings, conclusions, and arguments. What are its strengths and weaknesses? Why do you agree with some points and disagree with others? Why should others believe as you do? A strong response section should include facts, figures, and personal experiences that reinforce/support your reaction to the source.
Section B: Mechanical (30 % of overall assignment grade)
In my experience, students have a difficult time with the mechanics of using sources unless these skills are highlighted and practiced. For this reason, this first writing assignment will include a section that asks you to focus on these skills (future writing assignments won’t have this separate section).
For Section B, complete the following tasks:
create a Works Cited entry for the article;
QUOTE a PHRASE/CLAUSE, integrating it into a sentence of your own and then citing it properly according to MLA guidelines (see the OWL-Purdue here for the proper formatting of in-text citations);
QUOTE a PASSAGE of over 4 typed lines (thereby making it a block quotation) and cite it according to MLA guidelines (see the OWL-Purdue here for the proper formatting
of long prose quotations);
PARAPHRASE a sentence or passage from the article, citing it according to MLA guidelines (see the OWL-Purdue here for the proper formatting of in-text citations).
Essay Guidelines:
All essays should be double-spaced.
Every essay should have a title.
In the top left corner of all essays, all of the following information should appear:
Your Name
ENGL 1010
Essay #
Instructor’s Name
All essays should be submitted in Rich Text Format (.rtf) or Word (.doc or .docx).
Four Common Academic Writing Rules:
1) Avoid using excessive use of contractions
2) Do not end sentences with a preposition
example: “What is this thing for?”
correction: “For what does one use this thing?”
3) Do not use 1st or 2nd person (use third person instead)–even when stating your opinion.
example: “Once you leave home, you never return to the same place that you left.”
correction: “Once a person leaves home, it is never the same upon return.” (there are many other possible corrections)
correction: “Balzer claims that cooking ‘skills have already been lost’ (Pollan 584); this seems like an overstatement, for many families still prepare food at home…” (there are many other possible corrections)
4) Always write about the source(s) in the present tense: the article still exists in the present, so you should write about it that way. This will avoid a lot of awkward tense changes that would occur otherwise.

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