essay checklist phil 315

1. Underline or italicize all book titles; put quotation marks around article titles.
2. Quotations within quotations are to be done “‘this way’” – that is, with double quotation marks bracketing single quotation marks.
3. Are quotations grammatical or has the usage of ellipses (…) made them ungrammatical?
4. If you refer to what one does, you may not (while still referring to one) switch to the plural form and say, they do …..
5. If you use abbreviations to refer to page numbers (for example, p. or pg. or pp.), you need a period after the abbreviation. Also: p. or pg. is for singular page references (e.g.: p. 43), and pp. is for plural page references (e.g.: pp. 43-44).
6. Have you numbered the pages from page # 2 onwards in your essay?
7. Possessives, such as “Lispector’s,” require an apostrophe. Write “Lispector’s” and not “Lispectors.”
8. Have you stapled, or put a paper clip on, the essay to secure the pages?
9. The essay should be double-spaced. (The second copy, which should not be stapled to the first copy, may be single-spaced.)
10. Check punctuation to make sure commas, periods, semi-colons, colons, and question marks are not missing and are in the correct places.
11. Include a bibliography or at least a “Works Cited” that lists completely and correctly all sources used for the essay. This includes any websites you used (even though the instructor is suspicious of websites and would prefer research done through the library search engine).
12. Spellcheck.
13. Indent for the first line of each paragraph.
14. If you used websites, are they academically credible ones that warrant being used (in the way you have used them) for an essay in this course? Sites such as “SPARKSNOTES” and WIKIPEDIA are almost always unacceptable, as are blogs and PhD dissertations.
15. Have you plagiarized? (This question should especially be posed by those who have made use of websites.)
16. Give page numbers for the source of quoted or paraphrased passages.
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