Essay Assignment

GEOG1012 – Essay Assignment 2020-2021 – 1st semester
– From the following three questions, select and engage with only 1 question.
– You can answer this question the way you like (agree/disagree)
– Use academic sources from the class or other academic sources (peer-reviewed!!) to motivate your argument.
– You can only use 1600 words maximum! This is very limited. Write concisely. Use short sentence. Be as clear as possible.
– Use the following structure:
o Introduction:
▪ introduce topic
▪ why do we care
▪ argument/statement related to your chosen question
o Main body:
▪ Provide your argument/statement with evidence.
▪ Each separate piece of evidence is a new paragraph.
▪ Use multiple sources and multiple pieces of evidence.
▪ You might also want to ‘debunk’/counter an argument that is frequently used by the opponents of your statement.
o Conclusion:
▪ Reiterate the importance of the issue/topic
▪ Sum up your evidence
▪ Provide a concluding statement
Evaluation: You will be evaluated on the academic evidence you provide. This should reflect your knowledge of the content of the topic, as well as how it is related to society (why do we care!).
Due Date: Friday 13 November 2020 on Turn-it-in link on Moodle.
– Developed nations should not engage with MNCs.
– Free trade has more benefits than drawbacks.
– Globalization has as many benefits for developing economies as it has for developed economies
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