essay -700 words

For this essay, you will write a response to a selected essay from Everyone’s an Author on Blackboard: (Spriggs “On Buying Local,” Pollan “What’s Eating America” and Pinker “Mind over Mass Media”).
Your essay will have two parts:
 Part I (Summary): First, you will use Joseph Harris’s questions in defining the project of a writer (page 19, Chapter 1 of Rewriting) to assess the article author’s aims, methods, and materials (No more than one page of the total essay).
1. Aims: What is a writer trying to achieve? What position does he or she want to argue? What issues or problems does he or she explore?
2. Methods: How does a writer relate examples to ideas? How does he or she connect one claim to the next, build a sense of continuity and flow?
3. Materials: Where does a writer go for examples and evidence? What texts do the writers cite and discuss? What experiences or events do they describe?
 Part II (Strong Response): The second part of your essay will follow Allyn & Bacon’s strong response as ideas critique (BB pages 97-101) to analyze the essay using the following questions:
1. Where do I agree with this author? (with the grain)
2. What new insights has this text given me? (with the grain)
3. Where do I disagree with this author? (against the grain)
4. What points has the author overlooked or omitted? (against the grain)
5. What new questions or problems has the text raised? (with or against the grain)
6. What are the limitations or consequences of this text? (with or against the grain)
Length: at least 700 – 800 words (approximately 2-4 pages)
Font: Times New Roman 12 point or Garamond
Format: MLA style and citation
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