ePortfolio Quality World Assignment

ePortfolio Quality World Assignment (50 points) This assignment introduces your Quality World to your audience. According to William Glasser, American Psychiatrist, the Quality World is the visualization of what we want for our lives, the foundation that drives our dreams, goals, and actions. For this assignment, you will display the three major elements of your own Quality World as described in Chapter 1. o The people you most want to be with o The things you most want to own or experience o The ideas or systems of belief that govern much of your behavior Also, include ideas you have about service to your community. (i.e. What role does service play in your quality world? How does service give meaning and purpose to your life?) Remember, the elements you include in your Quality World should be personally meaningful, but also healthy, balanced, and ethical. Don’t just describe your Quality World, but SHOW who you are, too. Include photos, images, audio or video, and/or links to your (appropriate) social networking site or blog. Be sure to cite the source of any images you borrow from the Internet. To prepare your assignment for submission to eCampus & Portfolium (free eportfolio platform): 1. Create a new Microsoft Word document. Complete the Quality World assignment and use the “Save As” function to save the MS Word document as a .docx file on your computer’s desktop. 2. Using the free Portfolium software, create an eportfolio and upload this assignment to your eportfolio and name it (Ex. Quality World Assignment). For additional resources, visit the ePortfolio folder in eCampus. Once you publish your eportfolio assignment (project) through Portfolium, you will be assigned a unique URL (link) so anyone who has it can access your eportfolio. Take note of your URL because you will need it when you upload this assignment to eCampus. Follow the steps (below) to upload this assignment to eCampus. Manage Your ePortfolio Privacy Settings: Make your eportfolio “public” so that your instructor can view your eportfolio. Be aware of the content you choose to post since your portfolio will be viewable on the World Wide Web. Manage Your Assignment (Project) Privacy Settings: You must make each assignment “public” when you are ready to publish. This allows your instructor to view your eportfolio via the unique URL assigned to your eportfolio. There is also an option to use a private link. Now, it’s time to upload your assignment to eCampus: 3. In eCampus, find the assignment link for this assignment, click on it, and scroll to the Assignment Submission box. Click Browse My Computer to find your saved document. 4. Select the document you want to submit to eCampus with your mouse and click OPEN. You should now see the attached file in eCampus. Go back to Portfolium to retrieve your public eportfolio URL. Copy/paste your URL (link) from Portfolium to eCampus so that your instructor can view your eportfolio using your URL. 5. Lastly, find the SUBMIT button and click it. Now, your instructor can see that you have turned in the assignment as an attachment AND as a URL link. Do not copy/paste your full draft into the Comments Box – use Browse My Computer to attach the assignment file. If you need additional help understanding how to attach a file, view this video. You will repeat these instructions to submit your remaining eportfolio assignments. At the end of the course, you will showcase your final, completed eportfolio, which will include all four assignments. For help with creating your ePortfolio, visit the ePortfolio folder in eCampus. Quality World Assignment Grading Criteria
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