Environmental Science GEN 1040 Assignment (Individual)


1 Describe how human impact on the earth has changed through history and why environmental concerns have recently become so prominent.
3 Describe the basic principles underlying basic phenomena of environmental changes.

o Individual Task
o Essay of 1000 words (+/- 50 words)
o Introduction
o 4 – 5 body paragraphs
o Conclusion
o Full reference page
o Turnitin Report

  1. Congratulation you are in charge of the world. List your three most important strategies for dealing with the problem of air.


  1. List three ways in which you could make your lifestyle more environmentally sustainable.


  1. Describe and explain five ways in which you unnecessarily waste energy during a typical day and explain how these actions violate the principles of sustainability.


  1. Congratulations! You have won $500,000 to build a more sustainable house of your choice. With the goal of maximizing energy efficiency, what type of house would you build? How large would it be? Where would you locate it? What types of materials would you use? What types of materials would you not use? How would you cool the house? What types of lighting and domestic appliances would you use? Which, if any, of these appliances could you do without?


  1. Do you believe that over the next 50 years, we need to shift to a new mix of more sustainable and less environmentally harmful renewable energy resources, or continue depending mostly on nonrenewable fossil fuels and nuclear power? Explain. How might such a shift affect your lifestyle and that of any children and grandchildren that you might have?


  1. What are three consumption patterns or other aspects of your lifestyle that directly add greenhouse gases to the atmosphere? Which, if any, of these habits would you be willing to give up in order to help slow projected climate disruption?


  1. Congratulations! You are in charge of the world. List your three most important strategies for dealing with the problems of (a) climate disruption due to atmospheric warming caused mostly by human activities, and (b) depletion of ozone.


  1. Environment Concerns were never as much worrisome and challenging for society and businesses before as they are today. Increase in population, affluence, technology, consumption patterns and many more reasons have put the resources under tremendous stress leading to many environmental problems.

In view of the above, discuss the major environmental problems and reasons (at least 3) facing any selected country of your choice. Also, suggest some basic measures to mitigate the selected issues.
Requirements (for no. 8)

  1. Introduce the topic. Select any country and provide a brief introduction for the same.
  2. Explain briefly at least 3 major environmental problems the country is facing.
  3. Assess the reasons for the problems identified above.
  4. Provide realistic and feasible solutions for the same and conclude the report.

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