Introduction The project is intended to help you to gain insights into how you can become more effective and engaged with what matters most in your professional and even your personal life in order to help you on being a successful entrepreneur. Organizing This is an individual project. Request Please read the following book: “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” by Stephen Covey Write 8-10 pages report with 12 font, single line spacing. Please make sure the number of pages are only for report contents and it doesn’t include cover page, table of contents etc. Any page missing will cause mark deduction. The reports need to cover the following sections. The followings are some suggestions that you could cover in each section. More important, you need to write down your thoughts after reading the book. [0.5 mark] Report format. Please make sure the report has professional format instead of like Question & Answer. [2 marks] Section 1: How to Create habits Please discuss the difference between personality and character. Describe a paradigm shift that you have experienced in your life. Discuss Covey’s definition of habits, including the elements necessary for a habit to be achieved and maintained. Describe the habit that you would like to start that you think would be reasonable over the period of time between now and midNovember? [2 marks] Section 2: P/PC balance Discuss how Covey define effectiveness and how this definition compare with your own experience. Discuss the P/PC balance in your own words, and give examples of your current university and work life that illustrate imbalance based on P/PC. [10.5 marks] Sections 3: Habits 1-7 Discuss the 7 habits from the book in detail. Analyze yourself if you have such habits and always use your real life examples to discuss how these habits could affect your life. [5 marks] Section 4: Connect with being entrepreneur Imaging if you will have your own IT related start-up, discuss if training yourself gaining these habits will help you become a successful entrepreneur. Please list 5 most important matters that you think if you want to succeed in your start-up. Please use data to support your conclusion, please do research on some successful entrepreneurs or arrange an interview with a successful entrepreneur to get the support data. Please attach a cover/title page, with: course number , project title, your name, date of submission for your project documents.

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