Enterprise Architecture :Big Data and the Australian Supermarket Industry

Presentation Slide Limit – 8 slides with its own script around 10 to 12 min
In this work , you will employ Michael Porter’s Five Forces model to analyse the strategic value of Big Data (incl. tools) within the Australian Supermarket industry. The motivation for examining the strategic potential of Big Data is to counter balance the preponderance of process level arguments for exploiting this organisational resource (risk and fraud mitigation, marketing campaigns, etc) with an industry perspective of what this organisational resource potentially means for competition between rival firms (i.e. industry behavior) in the supermarket market.
The Task
1) You will analyse how Big Data can affect the Australian supermarket industry structure and attractiveness by assisting incumbent players such as Coles defend themselves against forces such as those asserted by buyers, substitute products, new entrants and suppliers.
Please see the below rubric for suggestions about how to approach the presentation.
1) Explanation of the Five Forces Models and its limitations
Includes discussion of the framework, its limitations and how it conceptualizes competitive advantage
2) Literature Review
Review of the Big Data literature and the way authors have treated the relationship between Big Data and competitive advantage between firms in an industry
3) Australian Supermarkety Industry
Describes the Australian supermarket industry, key players and forces within and outside of the industry affecting competition within the industry
4) Application of the Five Forces Model
Demonstrates ability to apply the Five Forces model to describe the impact of Big Data on competition in the Australian supermarket industy and synthesise with other models that examine broader environmental forces
5) Presentation
Focus is on clear understanding of the assignment tasks and concise, but informative responses. Academic standard of grammar and spelling. Appropriate slide headings and professional; standard graphics
Guide to make the slides
Suggested Structure of the Presentation
• Slide 1- Title Slide
• An attractive slide
• Give your presentation a title
• Slide 2 – An analysis of Porter’s Five Forces Model (1 slide)
• What is the purpose of the model
• How does it promote an understanding of the Australian supermarket Industry
• What are the strengths of the model
• What are the limitations of the model
• Is it the only model we need to base a potential investment on.
• What other models could help us
• Slide 3 – Big Data and Competitive Advantage (1 slide)
• What is Big data
• How can Big Data be used to create competitive advantage for supermarkets
• What insights are possible
• How can these insights be used to create ‘differentiators’ for supermarkets
• How can these ‘differentiators’ help firms create sustainable competitive advantage
• Slide 4 – The Competitive Value of Big Data (1 slide)
• What are the challenges of using Big Data as a means of creating competitive advantage
• What is the value of Big Data and is this value easily measured/ monetized?
• How do we determine busines targets?
• What is the competitive value of Big Data
• How do we measure the competitive value – performance outcomes?
• How do we define what is a ‘valuable’ outcome and what is not?
• Slide 5 – Background of Australian Supermarket Industry (1 slide)
Internal forces (intra-firm) affecting industry competition:
Human Resources,…,
External forces (extra-firm) affecting industry competition :
Demographics (Population growth),
• Slide 6 – Application of the Five Forces Model (1 slide)
• The below diagram will get you started, but there are more factors that relevant here
• Slide 7 – How Could the Porter’s Five Forces Model be Synthesised with other models (1 slide)
• Possible suggestions
• PEST / Five Forces
• SWOT/ Five Forces
• Pick 1 and build the model
• Slide 8 – References (1 slide)
• The Harvard Style format
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