ENGL 210: Proposal assignment

For this assignment, you will write a proposal for an engineering-related
project of your own invention. This assignment will familiarize you with the
basic expectations of project proposals which are common across a variety
of fields.
Parts of the assignment
● Cover letter (1 page) formatted as a business letter, addressed to your
instructor and conference partner, in which you
○ Identify the (real) institution which has published the
hypothetical RFP you are responding to
○ Describe your own invented institutional background and team
○ Summarize the demands of the RFP
○ Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your proposal, and
specify things for us to discuss in our conference (write this
part last)
● Project summary, including title, 1 page
● Introduction , ½ page
● Rationale and significance, ½ page
● Plan of the work, 2–3 pages
○ Your plan should include some or all subsections on Scope,
Methods, Task breakdown, and Problem analysis.
● Facilities and equipment, ½ page
● Personnel OR Budget (only do ONE), ½ page
● Conclusion , ½ page
● OPTIONAL: Bibliography/works cited list of any sources you
consulted in imagining the RFP or writing your proposal, formatted
using a standard citation style (MLA, Chicago, IEEE)
For business letter guidelines, consult GWE and Purdue OWL.2
For the parts of the proposal, consult the chapter by Tebeaux and Dragga,
Essentials of Technical Communication, available on Canvas.
All parts should be in a single Google Document, using your TAMU Google
Works to consult
● For general guidelines and business/cover letter: Beer and McMurrey,
Guide to Writing as an Engineer, on Canvas
● For the parts of the proposal: Chapter 9 from Tebeaux and Dragga,
The Essentials of Technical Communication, on Canvas and at:
● For general guidelines and business/cover letter: Purdue Online
Writing Lab
Document styles and formatting
Font Size Alignment
Normal text Merriweather 11
left (not
1.15 0 before, 8 after
20 center 1.15 0 before, 20 after
Heading 1
16 left 1.15 16 before, 8 after
Heading 2
14 left 1.15 16 before, 8 after
[no Heading 3] — — — — —
Bullets and
numbered lists
Same as Normal text 6 before, 6 after3
Submission procedure
● Make a conference appointment, with your partner, on Calendly at
● Title your document:
LastName FirstName – Proposal – topic keywords – ENGL 210
● At least twelve hours before our conference, share your document
with the instructor and with your conference partner, using the Share
function in Google Docs. Leave comments on each other’s document,
if they would be helpful.
● If you need to change your partner or the time of your conference,
make a new appointment on Calendly, and CANCEL the old one, using
the link in the confirmation.
● Format your document by controlling text and paragraph styles.
● Check that all bulleted or listed items are parallel: the same kinds of
elements, organized in the same way.
● Be careful with “this,” especially at the beginning of a sentence.
Always try to have a noun after “this” (e.g., this process, this idea,
this requirement, this device, this feature).
● Limit each paragraph to one central idea. Paragraphs may be shorter
than they would be in an essay.
● Formatting: 5 points
● Meeting assignment directions: 5 points
● Detail and precision of content: 5 points
● Writing mechanics: 5 point
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