ENGL 210: Memo assignment

Part I: Email, 6–8 sentences/2–3 paragraphs — ungraded
You assist the manager of a team developing a country’s new currency design
and printing features. You have been asked to determine the cost effectiveness
of holographic images as counterfeit deterrents for different denominations of
bills. Report your assessment holograms’ cost effectiveness, given the recent
counterfeit rates for different denominations, and either suggest a holographic
image that would appear on one of the new bills, or suggest a different feature
that would be more cost-effective than holograms.
Part II: PDF attachment, 2–3 pages
You are leading a marketing team for a company that makes fidget spinners.
Sales have declined, and your team needs to generate new interest in your
product. Your team is tasked with producing a series of promotional TikTok
videos showing how the use of fidget spinners can relieve tension in difficult or
awkward personal interactions, such as breaking up with a romantic partner,
admitting to a friend that you forgot to water their plant while they were
traveling, and confronting a roommate about their poor taste in the art they’ve
chosen for your common area.
Your memo needs to announce the campaign, briefly outline the formatting
limitations of TikTok videos, describe the scenarios you’ll be using, establish
deadlines, and assign roles to team members.
Part III: Print, 1 page
You manage a laboratory which develops snack food artificial flavorings, and
there are some changes to the way you test your product. Previously,
researchers would hire researchers from neighboring laboratories for tastetesting after business hours. Now, however, a lucky few researchers will be
doing the tasting themselves. This group must rotate semi-monthly, and there
will be a new laboratory bench installed for the tasters to rinse their mouths
and eat palate-cleansers between tests. Remind your team of this new method,
and announce the schedule for the first round of testing, including which flavors
will be taste-tested by which team members. Formatting guidelines for Parts II and III
These memos should be submitted in a single document on Google Docs, with
the following specifications:
• Use the filename structure: “Last name – Memo assignment – ENGL 210”
• Start Part III on a new page, using the Insert: Page break function.
• Use A4 paper, with either 3 cm or 1.25 inch margins on all sides.
Grading rubric
Each Part is worth 10 points, of which
• 4 are for formatting and technical correctness (grammar, punctuation)
• 3 are for consistency with the directions (organization, division of parts)
• 3 are for content (specificity, precision, and completeness)
Font Size Alignment Line
spacing Paragraph spacing
Normal text Merriweather 11 left 1.15 0 before, 8 after
Title Merriweather, bold 20 center 1.15 0 before, 20 after
Heading 1 Merriweather, bold 16 left 1.15 16 before, 8 after
Heading 2 Merriweather, italic 14 left 1.15 16 before, 8 after
[no Heading 3] — — — — —
Bullets and
numbered lists Same as Normal text 6 before, 6 after
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