Engineering Management and Economy

EGR 461 Engineering Management and Economy
Economics Paper
Fall 2020
Each student will select a topic from the following list or submit an alternate topic for approval.
The purpose of the paper is to examine Christian stewardship and its relation to economic issues. At a minimum, the following items must be addressed, and should each have its own section with its own header:
1. Your definition of Christian stewardship and references to sources that are instrumental in the formation of your definition/view (i.e. scripture).
2. A description of your topic that includes background information that demonstrates your understanding of the topic. You will need to use several references, not all from the web.
3. Discuss the relevant social, economic, technology, environmental and spiritual issues involved. “positive” aspects of the issue with regard to social, environmental or economic issues and discuss what groups will benefit from the “positive” aspects. Be specific about the benefits. For example, if it is an economic benefit, how large is the benefit. Cite the sources for your information.
4. Discuss the professional responsibilities of engineers with respect to your topic. You are encouraged to reference the NSPE code of ethics and other sources. What can engineers do to have a positive impact?
5. Some topics or issues will have “negative” aspects. Discuss the negative aspects. What groups will the “negative” aspects affect? Be specific. Cite the sources for your information.
6. State your final position on the issue, lessons learned, or description of how Christians are making an economic difference in your conclusion. Explain your conclusions.
The kind of information you can find on Wikipedia will not be sufficient for this project, and is generally not reliable. You are expected to obtain reliable and high quality references.
Suggested Topics
1. Impact of wireless communication in developing countries.
2. The economic impact of Global Warming and the Paris Accord.
3. Six Sigma and lean manufacturing.
4. An of a mission or missions agency, that uses technology and has an economic impact. You would need several sources, and personal interviews could be some, but not all of these. New Life International (water filters) and Engineering Missions International would be examples.
5. An in depth analysis of Field Ready as an organization utilizing technology in creative ways to address humanitarian aid.
6. ORU alumnus Joshua Atkinson in Afghanistan, based on the book Bringing Life: Seven Years Building Afghanistan. (You will need to get the book online)
7. Economic viability, impact and factors in the Hyperloop. This would include Elon Musk’s original white paper, as well as many other published analysis of the topic, current commercial firms involved. Potential impact on society.
8. Social and economic impact of the opioid crisis, and ways churches and engineers can be a part of the solution.
9. Economic impact of the Covid 19 pandemic, and technology that is helping, or would help if we had it.
Evaluation of Economics Paper Fall 2020
Content: Shows good understanding of topic. Addresses issues 1-6 (possibly not #5)
Definition and biblical references for Stewardship, and relationship to topic.
Research: Adequate background research and references.
Professional Responsibility: Shows a good understanding of the professional responsibilities of engineers with respect to the topic.
Spelling and Grammar
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