Engineering Literature Review

All content has to be sited
From Journals dating 2015 to 2021
You are required to talk about
1. How do hybrid battery cooling systems in cars work
Compare cooling system in prius, bmw, mercedes hybrid cars (using both internal combustion engine and bettery power)
2. talk about copper and aluminium
talk about their properties thermal conductivity
the malleability and more
compare both materials and relate all data to hybrid cooling
3. the main design of the heat exchanger
the types of radiators used in cars single core, dual core, the design
cross flow
the benefits and everything
4. talk about the cooling system in general in all three brands
like prius uses air cooled
what are the components involved
then bmw is refrigerant cooling
what are the components involved
and mercedes is refrigerant cooling as well
what are the components involved
specify on all three systems
i need it to be 8 pages or more with writing, graphs, pictures, and tables
it has to be referenced and cited properly
if youre interested ill send more examples
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