Elevator Speech due june 16th

Objective: To develop a clear, concise, and engaging self-introduction.
Instructions: Develop a 2 minute presentation focusing on you. Write your speech and upload speech to the assignment link. Upload video of speech to CONNECT.
An elevator pitch (or elevator speech) is a short summary used to quickly and simply define a person, product, service, or organization and its promise of value to be delivered. The name “elevator pitch” reflects the idea that it should be possible to deliver the summary in the time span of an
elevator ride, or approximately thirty seconds to two minutes.
The business school at Pepperdine University suggests knowing your audience and knowing yourself, including key strengths, adjectives that describe you, a description of what you are trying to let others know about you, and a statement of your interest in the company or industry the person represents. Armed with that knowledge, the job-seeker can then outline the Elevator Speech using these questions:
Who am I? What do I offer? What problem is solved? What are the main contributions I can make?
What should the listener do as a result of hearing this?
These 10 speech topics will help to write a carefully planned and prepared presentation that grabs attention and says a lot in a few words. This format suggestion helps you to avoid creating a sales pitch. Use each idea to write one short powerful sentence.
1. Smile to your counterpart, and open with a statement or question that grabs attention: a hook that prompts your listener to ask questions.
2. Tell who you are.
3. Tell what you do and show enthusiasm.
4. Tell what problems you have solved or contributions you have made.
5. Offer a vivid example.
6. Tell why you are interested in your listener (looking for a job!).
7. Discuss what very special service, product or solutions you can offer him or her.
8. What are the advantages of working with you – What are your best qualities?
9. Give a concrete example or tell a short story, show your uniqueness and provide illustrations on how you work.
10. What is the most wanted response after your elevator speech? Do you want a business card, a referral or an interview for a job after your elevator speech?
STEP 1: First write down all what comes up in your mind.
STEP 2: Then cut the jargon and details. Make strong short and powerful sentences. Eliminate unnecessary words.
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