Effective Presentations

“PowerPoint Slide Presentation with 5-10 minutes of recorded audio
Primary Task Response: The final step for your Informative Presentation will be delivering it to an audience of your peers. Based on your instructor’s feedback on the rough draft of your presentation and your dialogue, you should continue to refine your presentation into a professional-level presentation.
Step 1:
Watch your previous presentation to evaluate the aspects that are done well and areas of opportunity. Do the following:
After observing the areas done well, think about how you can incorporate those aspects into areas of opportunity.
Make note of dialog and slide modifications that are needed.
Evaluate areas where you could make a small modification to strengthen your presentation.
Evaluate your overall verbal delivery.
Step 2:
Edit the slides’ and notes’ content. Do the following:
Modify both the text on the slide and in the notes section.
Modify points where you are not making full use of bulleted primary, secondary, or tertiary points.
Condense full sentences that are present on your slides into short statements.
Modify slide content that does not fit the slide topic.
Add additional pictures on at least two slides, graphs, or diagrams that will enhance the slide and modify slides where the visuals do not work.
Step 3:
Record Audio to your presentation: Based on the dialog you have written in the rough draft of your presentation, you will record your speech to an audio file. To record audio, you have a few options:Â
Recording directly to the rough draft PowerPoint: http://breeze.careeredonline.com/coms203pps/Â
If you are unable to record directly to PowerPoint, please use one of the methods below and submit both your PowerPoint and the audio file separately:
Online recording Method (Mobile friendly): https://www.speakpipe.com/voice-recorderÂ
Recording to a mobile device or computer
Recording to i-phone: http://osxdaily.com/2016/05/04/record-audio-iphone-voice-memos/Â
Recording to an Android Phone: http://www.wikihow.com/Record-Voice-With-AndroidÂ
Recording to PC “ SoundRecorder should already be on the PC and just requires a microphone: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/14090/windows-sound-recorder-app-faq
Recording Audio to Mac: http://www.mactip.net/how-to-record-sound-on-a-mac/
Please note, there should be modifications from your previous submission of this assignment. Remember, you want to have a polished presentation.”
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