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Assignment Guidelines: Chronicle of Higher Education Writing Assignments Students will write a short summary of an article in the Chronicle of Higher Education  relating to a case involving a current legal issue in higher education.Articles should be current (published between 2012-2017) and relate to a topic addressed in this course (i.e. student speech, negligence, religion, etc.). The goal of this assignment is to help students to become familiar with current legal issues that colleges and universities are currently facing and help reinforce the material covered in this course The article summary should be 2-3 typed pages in length and follow the writing assignment guidelines listed in the syllabus and class schedule. APA FORMAT The assignment should address each of the following: a) the legal action being taken, b) parties involved in the case (i.e. petitioner/respondent), c) the legal issue in question, and  d) legal implications. LINK TO ARTICLE BELOW
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