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“In this paper you are to critically reflect on your life experiences that shaped you to now being a student in graduate school. Please discuss how your life background (such as race, class, culture, childhood experiences, family beliefs) influenced your educational journey in such a way that you now hold the privileged position (as many people in the world are often not afforded the opportunity to attend college) of being a SC State University graduate student?  This is critical component to reflect upon as we often are unconsciously unaware how particular life experiences, cultural practices, and other components of our identity in our society (such as race, class, sexuality, religious beliefs, etc.) all work together that shaped us into developing who we currently are today.
Tips for Organizing this paper 1) Begin with a opening paragraph introducing your “educational autobiography.” (Please write in first person!) 2) Using chronological writing is recommended but not necessary. 3) Be sure to place your reflections within the contexts of social, political and cultural events of the time you are writing. For example, starting school in the 1990s means being in school at a time when the educational discussions/debates were focused on the economy and the challenges of the 21st century etc. Starting or being in school in 2001 and the years after means being in school during an era deeply affected by the tragedy of the 9/11 events. What was the impact of such broader social/cultural events on your educational & life experiences?  4) Be a critical reflector on your past experiences. a. Reflect & discuss on positive and negative life and schooling experiences. b. Reflect & discuss on how the events you have written about shaped and will shape your experiences as a learner and now as an graduate student. c. Discuss how others (adults, peers etc.) shaped and / or influenced you as a learner  and now as an graduate student. 5) Conclude you educational autobiography with a summarizing paragraph
This paper is a minimum of 4 full pages and no more than 6 pages in length (double space, 12 pt. size, Times New Roman font) in APA format.”
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