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Assignment 1: Please edit attach paper Assignment 2:Read the following examples* and briefly post your thoughts about each of them in light of what you have read and studied this week about gender and sexual orientation:  (Don’t forget to cite and source as well as respond meaningfully and respectfully to at least one classmate!)”Jacob WIlliams, a preschool student, was playing with a little girl who had been observing him asked where his dad was.  Jacob responded by saying he didn’t have a father but had two moms.  The little girl was confused but later walked up to one of the two mothers and said she had “figured it out.”  She had two granddads, so Jacob could have two moms.  (Wingert & Kantrowitz, 2000).Because of the repeal of the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy, transgender people believe they should not be denied the ability to serve in the armed forces.  Military officials argue that they are not discriminating against transgender individuals – it is just that because they suffer from a gender identity disorder, they are not fit for military service. (Perkins, 2011).”Transgender people are second-class citizens, and bisexuals are below even them.  We’re the white trash of the gay world, a group whom it is sexually acceptable not to accept.  Feeling awkward among straights is what it feels like to be bi.  Being distrusted among gays is what it feels like, too.” (Pajor, 2005, p.575).” “*From Sue and Sue, Counseling the Culturally Diverse:  Theory and Practice; (6th ed.); p. 473.
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