EDF Homework

“For each question, you are to write a brief statement (about 5 sentences) explaining your position on this issue. After that statement, you are to come up with a list of 3 bullet points (for each question) supporting your position, along with citations. The bullet points can come from your text, articles, or professional websites.Â
1. History: Throughout the history of public education in America, students of color have often been denied the same high quality education as others. Since the integration of schools, thanks to Brown v. Board of Education, some progress has been made, however an achievement gap still persists. What is the responsibility of the schools to address this issue? How can it be fixed?Â
2. Diversity: As IDEA continues to promote educational progress for students with disabilities, we have seen an increase in the number of exceptional students in inclusive classrooms. In other words, we are educating students with disabilities in general education classrooms at a higher rate than ever. As a classroom teacher, how can you continue to teach grade-level curriculum to all students, while making accommodations for your exceptional learners?Â
3. Student Life: Our classrooms are full of students who come from many different backgrounds and family situations. Divorce can cause children anguish, emotional trauma and financial worries, as well as depression, aggression, diminished school performance. Children living only with their mothers are five times more likely to live in poverty than children in a married household. With all of this being so, what is the role of the classroom teacher to help the student? What can you, as the teacher, do to help a child navigate a difficult situation while still adhering to academic responsibilities?
4. Instructional Practices:  Grouping is a common educational practice used by many teachers. Explain how teachers can use Heterogeneous grouping (different abilities) to improve student success. Also, explain how teachers can use Homogeneous Grouping (same abilities) to improve student success. What are a few pros and cons of each?”
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