Economics Paper

“How To Think Like An Economist Paper
Read the book. Complete Method 3 on Roman numeral page x and develop three of your own stories.  Three or four or five double-spaced pages will suffice; six to ten pages is a bit too long. Your goal is to develop some of your own economic stories. The author has provided wonderful examples, so try and imitate his lead. The phraseology is awkward and your mind needs time for the thoughts to percolate. Thus, it is important to begin reading early in the semester.
With a little effort, youÂ’ll be able to follow most of his examples, or as he calls them, stories. Economic principles are everywhere: with an airline seating preference, with a congested roadway, or with your willingness to accept a grade lower than an A.
The author does a magnificent job of simplifying the economic principle with an example that uses normal words and situations. The book deals with an economic way of reasoning; it will provide a good context for the textbook and it will make you think.
For my personal style of learning, I would want to read the entire book before I began the textbook. At the least, the first 10 or 20 pages would help me understand the overview ideas and get me started in the right direction.
Be sure to include your name in the paper itself. Please double-space.
Be sure to connect your story to an economic principle and be sure to elaborate upon the principle.  This is extremely important: connect your story to the economic principle.  Use more than one sentence to do this.  Make explicit to the reader what economic principle is illustrated your story.”
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