Eco Bags

Eco Bags Web-based Order Handling System
Eco Bags is a medium-sized company which sells over 50 different styles of environmentally friendly bags.
The company is 5 years old and has grown steadily over the last two years mainly due to an aggressive marketing drive aimed at local retail outlets. They would now like to expand further by making their eco-friendly bags available to the general public via a Web site that must be deployed in 3 months from now.
Eco Bags do not have their own software development department and contract out their software development projects. However, the Managing Director is frustrated by the problems associated with previous traditional ‘waterfall’ projects, in particular the lack of support for changing requirements. After several interviews with various software development companies, she has decided that Eco Bags will use Creative Concepts (CC) to develop their Web site using a SCRUM and Agile concepts.

Eco Bags Personnel
The Managing Director – the driving force behind the project and the budget holder. She has also put aside time in a busy diary to be available for this project.
The Finance Director – keen to be involved, but can be prone to doing a perfect job and is always too busy to attend meetings.
The Operations Director – has been with the company for 2 years and was a senior team member from the business community on an Agile software development project at a previous job. Also responsible for the Order Handling Clerks and happy to make at least one available for the project and empower them to make decisions. Keen to be involved and has made space in his diary. Well informed about what is going on in the company.
Chief Accountant – generally represents the Finance Director at meetings and is empowered to make decisions on behalf of the Finance Director. Has worked in all departments within the company over the years. Passed accountancy examinations 2 years ago.
The Warehouse Manager – not available for the project, but happy to make at least one Warehouse Operative available for the project and empower them to make decisions on her behalf.
The Marketing Director – available for the project and is also a certified Workshop Facilitator and Agile Project Manager.

About Creative Concepts
Creative Concepts is an Agile software development consultancy located on the same industrial estate as Eco Bags. They have purpose-built rooms for SCRUM stand up meetings and Facilitated workshops and use the DSDM Atern framework for all of their software development projects. Creative Concepts assign a dedicated team for each of their projects. The team can be located on-site or off-site.

Creative Concepts Personnel
Millie – available for the project, she is a very good programmer with a good working knowledge of Web development and a good communicator.
Peter– available for the project, he is an excellent Web developer, but has been known to have stand- up arguments with customers.
Anita – available for the project, she has good Web site development skills and works for the Samaritans in her spare time.
Cheryl– available for the project, he has worked on several Agile development projects as a Team Leader and has a very good understanding of Web site development.
Pat– available for 2 days a week throughout the project and has a good understanding of Web development and testing.

Table 1: Base lined list of requirements for the Web site

ID Requirements Priority Days
1 As a customer I want to be able to modify my shopping cart so that I
can change my mind about what I want to buy.
2 As the Managing Director I want a monthly report showing the percentage of bags that have been sold via the Web site so that I can get a feel for the benefits, in terms of profit, that we are getting from
the Web site.
3 As a Customer I want to enter separate delivery and invoice addresses
so that I can receive bags when staying at a friend’s house.
4 As the Finance Director I want all online transactions to be secure so
that our customers feel safe.
5 As the Managing Director I want to be ensured that the site is Data Protection Act safe so that we do not get fined hundreds of thousands
of pounds.
6 As the Marketing Director I want an ‘About Page’ so that we can
promote the finer details of the brand.
7 As a Customer I want a choice of delivery slots so that I can arrange my
diary appropriately.
8 As the Warehouse Manager I want to place an ‘out of stock’ message
on appropriate bags so that customers do not end up having to wait for ages due to bags being out of stock.
9 As the Operations Director I want to accept all forms of payment so that
we can capture the largest market possible.
10 As a Customer I want to choose whether or not I am sent marketing
information so that I do not get loads of junk mail.
11 As a Warehouse Operative I want to check delivery addresses so that I
can place orders with similar postcodes in the same delivery batch.
12 As a Customer I want to be able to change my account details so that
my most up to date details are recorded.
13 As an Order Handling Clerk I want to use the Web site to process
telephone purchases so that I can stop using the paper-based system.
14 As a Customer I want to have bags gift wrapped and sent to an address
other that than my  own  so that  I don’t  have to bother wrapping and
delivering presents.
15 As a Student I want discounts on bags so that I can look cool at parties
for minimal cost.
16 As a Customer I want to be sent an SMS message to remind me when
my bags are going to be delivered so that I am in when they arrive.
17 As a Customer I want daily emails to let me know the status of my order
because I get nervous when I don’t know what is going on.
18 As the Marketing Director I would like an offers or discount page so that
we can inform our customers of the aforementioned.
19 As the Chief Accountant I want to the Web site to adhere to legislation
regarding VAT so we are not hit with a hefty fine.
20 As a customer I want to be able to process returns via the Web site so
that I do not have to phone up and answer all of those stupid questions before being put through to a human being.

Section A – Management Summary (20% of the marks)
The case study tells us that the Management Director has decided to recommend one of the approaches associated with Agile Methods to the team of True Concepts. The Agile Method that they would prefer would be SCRUM with Agile.
Produce a management summary explaining whether SCRUM with Agile concepts would be an appropriate method to use for the project. Outline any advantages/drawbacks that you perceive. Give examples from the Case Study to support your answer.
Your answer should be in the region of 750-1000 words.
Section B – High level requirements analysis and MoSCoW prioritisation (30% of the marks)
Table 1 of the case study provides details of a Facilitated Workshop session run by the Creative Concepts consultants and attended by a number of the key staff in the organisation of Eco Bags.
At the end of the session a list of ‘Base line requirements’ was produced.

This list is inappropriate as a set of requirements for developing a website, as a number of the requirements need to be sorted out to meet the criteria for a ‘high level requirement’ – remember, a high level requirement should be a functional requirement that can be delivered to the user as part of an incremental approach using a timebox (or number of timeboxes).
Using the information given throughout the case study to help you, complete the following: B1. Review the ‘base line requirements’ list given in table 1.
B1.1 Identify any of the requirements that you feel are not appropriate to be considered at high level requirements, giving your reasons for this.
B1.2 Rewrite, and add to, the list to end up with a total of 8-10 high level requirements (functional and non-functional) that you feel are required for building the website. Briefly justify the need for each of your high level requirements against information you have gathered from the case study.
Your answer to B1 should be in the region of 750-1000 words
B2.       Use the MoSCoW/Timebox rules to prioritise the requirements in your updated ‘high level requirements list’.
B2.1.    Produce an updated ‘high level requirements list’ clearly showing the
prioritisation you have given to each of your requirements.

There is no word limit for the answer to B2.1.
B2.2     Explain how you set about prioritising the requirements and justify your reasons for the decisions that you made.
Your answer to B2.2 should be in the region of 500 words.
Section C – Legal, Social, Ethical and Professional issues (30% of the marks)
C1. Eco Bag’s personnel needs to start considering Legal, Social, Ethical and Professional Issues (LSEPI) in relation to its day-to-day operations. Produce a management summary identifying Legal, Social, Ethical and Professional issues that a system developer for the company would need to be aware of. Provide two practical examples from the case study that relate to each aspect of LSEPI identified.
Your answer to C1 should be in the region of 500-750 words
C2.    Produce a management summary outlining the purpose of a professional body, such  as the British Computer Society. As a part of this, provide a practical example for each of the four BCS Code of Conduct sections to illustrate how the professional body may guide the choices and decisions of their members.
Your answer to C2 should be in the region of 500-750 words.

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