Each of the questions is related to the expansion of culture and religion from 1450 to 1800, which still affects the world today

This exam is an open-book essay exam, and there’s no time limit. The point of this exam
is to place the knowledge you’ve gained into a context that helps you better understand
events from your readings. Each of the questions is related to the expansion of culture
and religion from 1450 to 1800, which still affects the world today.
To complete this exam, submit your responses in Microsoft Word or a similar word-processing
format that can be saved in Rich Text Format. Please name the document containing the
required work using the following format: student number_exam number_your last
name (for example, 12345678_25014200_Jones).
To ensure that your submission can be accessed, format your document by clicking Save
As, Other Formats, and Save as type: Rich Text Format. Then upload that document
using the Take Exam option. If you can’t do so, you must print and mail your exam
for evaluation. Please note that your entire exam should be submitted in one document.
Good luck!
Answer each question in this section. Each answer is worth 5 points for a total of
50 points.
1. How did the Meiji Restoration modernize Japan?
2. Explain the concept of manifest destiny. How did it challenge Mexico and lead to
the Mexican-American War?
3. How did apartheid divide South Africa and what were the forces that ended this
4. Explain the network of alliances of the great powers in 1914 at the beginning of
World War I.
5. What is the feminization of poverty?
6. Your textbook includes a map showing the global distribution of wealth around
2010. In which area are the poorest countries concentrated and why?
7. What was Gandhi’s satyagraha, and how did it help in gaining Indian
8. What was the objective of Mao’s Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution, and how
was the program carried out?
9. What is the digital divide? Where is it at its peak?
10. Who were the contras and what role did they play in Nicaragua?
For this section, you’ll use the list of terms below in your essay. Write a minimum
of two complete paragraphs using all of the terms provided to earn the 50 points
n Treaty of Versailles
n Reparations payments
n Weimar Republic
n Totalitarianism
n Adolf Hitler
n Enabling Act
n Appeasement
n Hitler’s concept of living space
Essay Question: Your textbook claims that anyone seeking to understand the origins
of modern world conflicts must begin with World War I. How did the measures taken by
global powers to reestablish peace and stability after World War I directly lead to the
outbreak of World War II?
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