E-Commerce Security Plan

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Review figure 5.12, Developing an E-Commerce Security Plan. (Attached File)
Create a detailed outline for a security plan for the e-commerce website you prototyped in Week Two. (See attached file for week two prototype)
Include at least five subtasks for each of the five major tasks/steps listed in the figure.
Provide a description of the security risks most likely to be encountered.
Wall-Mart Website Improvement
Lasha Ruff
Prototype for Walmart
Current-Status Improvement
Economized white spaces, too many clicks toward an objective, distracting elements etc. Focusing on Readability.
Too many clicks and scrolling, disturbing data collection forms, etc. Effortless Usage. Clear up busy areas.
Frequent downtime and high response time. Improve response time and availability.
Snippet from site shows the large selection of items Wal-Mart has but presents too many clicks and scrolling on the userโ€™s part creating disturbing data collection forms and overbearing functionality. To correct this I would take out every other row outlined in black as shown.
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